S'More Fire Power is a powerball keno game. That means that if the last draw hits a player pick the win is multiplied by 9x or 5x!


Here's a sneak peek at our latest keno coming out soon!

Kenobotics is a great keno game! All the player has to do is hit all 3 bonus spots with or WITHOUT a win and the Bonus is triggered. In the Bonus they'll help Kenobot shoot down the Evil Whirlygig to get a multiplier and number of Guaranteed Wins! Then they'll play for FREE until all the guaranteed wins with a multiplier have been reached. Winning has never been so much fun!

Latest Games are HOT!

Epic's latest release is really exciting gamblers. Go play "Sure Winsalot" & "Dragon's Golden Hoard" today!

Epicenter has a great new look and 2 brand new games out now all over the great state of Montana!