Main Game top and bottom screens.

Weapon Chest Pickem.

Battle with Ogre in 6 different Bonuses.

Sword Play Bonus (10x multiplier)

Shield Play Bonus (2x multiplier & Free Games)

Mace Play Bonus (5x multiplier)

Mini Catapult Play Bonus (3x multiplier & 5 Extra Draws)

Bow & Arrow Play Bonus (10 Extra Draws)

Axe Play Bonus (Bigger Wins)

Axe Play Bonus & Winsalot rescued the Princess!

Sure Winsalot is super fun keno game, but can get confusing so get ready, here we go! Hit all 3 arrow bonus spots and it'll direct the player & Winsalot to 1 of 6 locations on the top screen map. The locations are: Bridge, Castle, Forest, Mountains, Old Mill & Town. Once at the location the player will enter a Pickem & get to select 1 of 6 weapon chests. The player has a 4 out of 6 chance of getting a weapon specific to that location or an instant credit award. If the weapon is selected the player moves onto the that specific weapon bonus to do battle with the ogre! If the location Winsalot went to was golden at the time, then the Princess is there and needs saving!
LOCATION= Weapon Bonus (Bonus game extras)
BRIDGE= Mace Play Bonus (5x multiplier)
CASTLE= Sword Play Bonus (10x multiplier)
FOREST= Bow & Arrow Play Bonus (10 Extra Draws)
MOUNTAINS= Mini Catapult Play Bonus (3x multiplier & 5 Extra Draws)
OLD MILL= Axe Play Bonus (Bigger Wins)
TOWN= Shield Play Bonus (2x multiplier & Free Games)

In the weapon bonuses the player has a certain number of Winsalot spots (included with weapon selection in Pickem) and the Ogre will have 5 spots. All the Winsalot and Ogre spots will be randomly placed during bonus game. The player plays until the number of Winsalot or Ogre spots =0. If all the Ogre spots are gone first then Winsalot is victorious and the player wins an additional 50x bet. If the Princess was there and when the ogre was defeated then that 50x becomes 200x!


Main Game top and bottom screens.

Bonus screen in action.

Bonus screen with a Big Winner.

Dragon's Golden Hoard is a line game with a really exciting bonus! Hit 5 or more "Dragon's Golden Hoard" symbols to trigger the bonus. Better bring your fire extinguisher, because this bonus is HOT! In the bonus the symbols that triggered it remain locked in place and the reels without them continue to spin as long as the player hits at least 1 more "Dragon's Golden Hoard" symbol every addtional spin. The player gets paid for the total number of the "Dragon's Golden Hoard" symbols!

The Gold of Olympus (Line Game)

Main Game top and bottom screens.
Get character scatters for big wins!
Free spins
The Gold of Olympus line game takes you back to Olympus to see the characters you loved from Gold of Olympus Keno. Bet whatever you want and never win less then your bet! Scatters are the way to win in this game. Get multiple character symbols for big wins and up to 9 Free Spins.

Classic Lines (Line Game)

Main Game top and bottom screen.
The exciting pick for 1 of 3 bonus options.
Diamond Spins top and bottom screen.
Classic Lines is an exciting line game inspired by the original spinning reel games. We have your classic 7, fruit and bar symbols that everyone knows and loves. Getting the scatter symbol on all 3 reels takes you to the "PICK ME" bonus. Where you select 1 of 3 options: Free Spins, Instant Credits, or the exciting Diamond Spins!


Main Game top and bottom screen.
Sticks of Cash Altered Play
Flames of Fortune Altered Play
Keno Before Time is a keno with 2 exciting altered plays. In the main game you have to hit 2 bonus spots to progress to the Sticks of Cash altered play which has 3 games with all wins multiplied by 3. In the Sticks of Cash there are 2 bonus spots again and every game that you hit both spots you trigger an additional bonus spot in Flames of Fortune altered play. The Flames of Fortune altered play had 2-4 bonus spots (Depending on how many you trigger in the Sticks of Cash) and you play until all of the bonus spots are hit. All wins are multiplied depending on your bet level going all the way up to 10x!

Main Game top and bottom screen.
4 out of 5 bonus spots and the player gets to choose the volatility of the smaller altered play.
HADES FIRE ROUND: 2 games at 5x
5 out of 5 bonus spots and the player gets Zeus' Guaranteed Lightning!
The Gold of Olympus is a keno game with 5 bonus spots. Hitting 3 out of 5 bonus spots triggers 5 extra draws. Hitting 4 out of 5 bonus spots triggers the smaller altered play where the player gets to choose their own volatility. The choices are Hades' Fire Round with 2 games at 5x or Poseidon's Water Round with 5 games at 2x. Hitting 5 out of 5 bonus spots triggers ZEUS' GUARANTEED LIGHTNING where the player get 1 guaranteed win with a multiplier up to 50x depending on their bet.